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Regular Cleaning

Life will be simple with our well trained and certified housekeeper that cater to meet our customer needs. Enjoy more quality and privacy time with your loved ones. Simply pick up any of the package below.

Cleaning Specifications

Regular Tasks


mopping of floor

dusting/wiping of furniture

cleaning & disinfect basin & toilet bowl

washing & scrubbing of toilet floor

washing & scrubbing of toilet wall

ironing(supreme package)

cleaning & polishing mirrors

wipe exterior of electrical appliances

vacuum carpets

empty trash

Rotational Basis

cleaning windows & grilles

Wipe exterior surface of all cabinets

changing bed linen(1 bed/session)

wiping all doors

dust/wipe standing and ceiling fans

Express cleaning: 2 staff @ 2hr/session

Normal cleaning: 1 staff @ 4hr/session

Routine Visit:

- Sweep, vacuum and damp mop floorings.

- General wash the toilets, washbasins, shower room and bathtubs.

- Dust/wipe external of furniture in the house.

- To press and iron the clothes 10pcs/hr (do not include bed linen and sheets)

- To change bed linen in the rooms (customer must leave behind the fresh set of covers to be change) Only to change one room each visit

- Cleaning & polishing of mirrors

- Wiping/dusting exterior of electrical appliances

- Vacuum carpets

- Wipe external of kitchen cabinet in the house.

- Remove litters from waste bins in the house.

Rotating Cleaning:

- To wipe and clean windows and windows planes in the house (where accessible ) Partial cleaning per session, complete the whole cleaning within 4 session

- 1 st session – To thoroughly scrub shower area's wall and flooring, grouting of the washbasin, shower room and bathtubs – To wipe all door and door frame in the house (where accessible)

- 2 nd session - To feather dust/ wipe shelving (without moving or lifting the display items) To feather dust all picture frames (where accessible ) - To dust/wipe fans in the house. Nouvehome will not be responsible for any damage if client instructs to remove and dismantle standing fans.

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