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Have your Marble Restoration professionally

When your marble and stone starts to look tired, worn and dirty? Let our professional resolve those problems and bring the life and beauty back to your stone and tile floors, countertops, showers, and more.

Our marble floor restoration polishing treatment uses diamond pads to grind down the surface of your marble, bringing out a fresh layer of stone. Then we use successively finer grade pads to bring the surface of your marble to a “mirror like” shine.

Return the striking look of your wooden floor

Your parquet floors can be completed to various extends of perfection. We believe only in the extend of detail. We treat every floor as unique and pick the best approach to refinish it.

Stage 1: Floor Repairs

  • Fixing loose boards
  • Removal of rusty nails and old tracks
  • Hammering down any protruding nails
  • Replacement of damaged boards

Stage 2: Gap Filling

  • Your floor will become a seamless surface
  • Dust and dirt won't get trapped between floor boards
  • It gives a way more beautiful finished look

Stage 3: Floor Sanding

  • To make your wooden floor smooth and beautiful Stage

Stage 4: Floor Staining

  • It alters the colour of your floor and it enhances the wood grain (if customer require darken or change its natural color.)

Stage 5: Floor Finishing

  • Finishes and seals are applied to protect your floor and the quality of the seal is probably the most important step of the whole process.

Will there be a lot of dust after the timble floor repair?

Our sanding machines have powerful dust extraction units that immediately remove the loose particles while the floor is being sanded. Of course, a tiny amount of the dust manages to escape but we assure you that it is easy to dust off.

Should we paint the room first or floor repair?

It is best to have it painted before the floor sanding or marble polishing. It is a lot easier to remove a little sanding dust from the painted and dry walls than to remove paint from a newly sanded and polished floor.

How long will it take?

It may take from 1 to 2 days depending on its size, number of rooms and condition. It may take longer if comprehensive repairs and filling are necessary. it is important that these areas remain traffic-free for the time being to ensure the efficient work of the pros.

How do I reschedule or cancel my service appointment?

You can reschedule or cancel your service up to 72 hours before your appointment. Call us or email your cancellation or reschedule request.

If you want to reschedule or cancel your service less than 24 hours before your appointment window, you may be charged a $25 fee at Nouve Home service discretion.